Haley Jackson is a multidisciplinary visual artist, award-winning film director, and storyteller. She is a creative powerhouse, working in various mediums, including large-format 3d films, television, VR / AR, AI, digital art, and generative moving pictures.
Starting as a beta tester for various generative art models during the Covid-19 lockdown, she quickly found herself creating mashups between various software outputs. She uses processes involving data, live maps, archival imagery, machine learning, and code to create data visualizations, motion graphics, generative art, and moving images.
She loves exploring new worlds, whether on earth, the oceans, space, or the cyber realms. She constantly pushes the boundaries of technology, art, and communications. Her unique perspective allows her to interweave technology with human nature deftly. You can see her work in person at the Smithsonian Institution, The California Science Center, and various theaters and streaming services worldwide.
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